Morning Talks – Sundays @ 10am

As a Bible-centred church our main focus on Sundays is listening to the Bible explained and applied to contemporary life so that we can all understand how to live in God’s world today and enjoy a personal relationship with him. We believe the best way to do this is by exploring whole books of the Bible bit by bit.

Morning and evening talks are based in different books of the Bible and we aim to cover the whole range of biblical literature. All Sunday talks are available to download and listen to.

Date Title Bible Reference Speaker
21st Romans 8:18-27 Romans 8:18-27 Simon Medcroft
28th Romans 8:28-39 Romans 8:28-39 Simon Medcroft
Date Title Bible Reference Speaker
4th Life to the full - Open house service John 10:10 Simon Medcroft
11th Romans 9:1-29 Romans 9:1-29 Simon Medcroft C
18th Romans 9:30-10:21 Romans 9:30-10:21 Simon Medcroft

Upcoming Talks

21 Jan AM Romans 8:18-27
21 Jan PM Philippians 1:27-2:4

Upcoming Special Events

27 Jan 8.00PM Events week 27th January - 4th February
27 Jan 8.00PM An Evening with Paul Kerensa
31 Jan 7.30PM An Acoustic Session with Tom McConnell
2 Feb 8.00PM The Roots of Jazz
3 Feb 1.30PM Afternoon Tea with Live Pianist in Hudsons
4 Feb 10.00AM Life to the Full?

Latest Audio

14 Jan AM Romans 8:1-17
14 Jan PM Jesus our joy - A journey through Philippians